Rent Vs. Buying

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Did you know buying a home becomes cheaper than renting after 5 years? Yes!

If you are renting and wondering if now is the time to buy ask yourself these questions:

Is your lease or current situation ending soon?

Do you have some savings built up for a down payment? If not, that is okay there are many programs that help you with the down payment.

Do you plan to stay in the area for at least 2 years?

Are you tired of throwing away rent money, and ready to build equity in your investment?

Have you talked to a mortgage lender to see what you are approved for?

If you have answered most of these with a yes, it may be time to buy.

If you answered some of these with a no, then let's chat. We can get you started to through the process of buying or building your home. Your dream of homeownership is possible!